Created Thu 9/03/2017, Last Updated Tue 14/03/2017

Thousands expected to protest around the country against Turnbull’s attacks on working people


Thousands of people are expected to attend protests around the country today – in capital cities and regional centres in opposition to the Turnbull’s attacks on working people.

National CFMEU Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said that support for the national day of action has gained momentum in the last three weeks as anger in the community grows over cuts to workers’ wages and conditions.

“Our union is standing up for workers in the industry who stand to lose out in terms of pay and conditions.

“The new laws that were passed in the Senate last month prohibit the union from negotiating on a range of basic issues such as working hours, overtime and job security.

“It’s not just construction workers who are in the firing line. People in the hospitality and retail sector will see significant cuts to their take home pay due to the penalty rates decision.”

“At a time when business profits have soared to a 15 year high, it is clear that the Government is siding with the rich and powerful to line their pockets with bigger profits at the expense of working people.”

Mr Noonan, who will be speaking at the rally in Sydney today alongside ACTU Secretary Ged Kearney said that it wasn’t just working people who were being targeted.

“The government is making decisions that affect the unemployed, families, people with disabilities and pensioners.

“Protections for working people and the safety net are being dismantled. People from around Australia are marching today because they want to send a strong message to Turnbull that ‘enough is enough’ and they are standing with us and fighting back for fairness and justice.”