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CFMEU Construction & General Division members build Australia’s towns and cities, and the roads and railways that link them together.

We build the schools and colleges that train our young people and the hospitals that look after us when we are sick.

We build the mines and power plants that fuel our economy and the ports that handle our trade.

We build the stadiums that showcase our sporting prowess and the airports that open our access to the world.

On and off construction sites

CFMEU members also manufacture products for the construction industry. We make the pre-cast walls, timber frames, gyprock and windows that go into our high-rise office blocks and apartments or housing. 

We are also behind the scenes as maintenance workers in factories, at local Councils, casinos and Houses of Parliament – keeping machinery and buildings in good condition so other people can do their jobs effectively.

‘We work safer and smarter’

Australia’s construction industry employs over 950,000 people and contributes $100 billion to the Australian economy every year.

Productivity in our industry is ranked among the best in the world and our buildings and infrastructure are of world-class standards.

CFMEU members are proud of the role we have played to make Australian construction top-class.

Construction workers have struggled to civilise the industry for more than 150 years and we’re proud of the decent wages, working conditions and improved safety we have achieved from that struggle.

Dare to win!

The CFMEU will always fight for good conditions, safety and wages for people working in the construction industry.

Your Union is also committed to working together with government and responsible employers to find new ways of:

  • attracting the best and brightest young people into our industry
  • applying innovative ideas and new technology that increase productivity and make workplaces safer.

Our goal for construction is a productive, skilled industry, based on respect for the workers who build this nation.

‘Does the CFMEU cover my job?'

If you want to work in the construction industry or find out if you can join the CFMEU Construction & General Division, check out the Jobs covered by the CFMEU Construction Photo Gallery and hear what our members think of their work.

Most of them wouldn’t want to do anything else! 

I'm proud to be union. It's a good industry to work in.
Pays the bills.
I enjoy working,
doing what we do.