Who's who?

CFMEU is short for Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union. The CFMEU is Australia's main trade union in construction, forestry and forest products, mining and energy production.

The CFMEU has offices in all capital cities in Australia and in many major regional centres. The Union has over 140,000 members in total and employs around 400 full time staff and officials.

Construction workers become members of the CFMEU Construction and General Division in the state or territory in which they work. This includes both on-site and off-site construction workers. For jobs covered by the CFMEU go to photo galleries.

As members, you become part of a democratic organisation in which you can play an active role. You can influence the policy and priorities of the union and elect your leaders.

How it works 

CFMEU Construction and General is led by Dave Noonan, National Secretary, with Frank O'Grady and Brad Parker, as Assistant Secretaries, and Joe McDonald, President. Brad Parker is also the national officer responsible for Training and Safety.

CFMEU Construction and General National Office co-ordinates and assists the work of the Branch offices. National Office employs specialist legal, industrial and technical staff for this task.

Each Branch is responsible for raising revenue and managing its own budgets and affairs. But policy and direction for CFMEU Construction and General are determined by National Executive and the Division's biennial Conference.

CFMEU members elect their Branch leadership, including the Secretary, President and Assistant Secretaries, every four years.

Each CFMEU Branch also has its own rank and file-elected Executive and Council and many have Branch meetings for members each month. Find out the times of your Branch's meetings from its website or talk to your site CFMEU delegate or Organiser.

Members also elect the Branch team of delegates who represent your state or territory at the CFMEU Construction and General National Conference. The number of delegates each Branch can send to Conference depends primarily on the number of members in the Branch.

The National Conference elects the leadership of CFMEU Construction and General National Office, including the Secretary, President, Assistant Secretaries, Vice Presidents and other office holders.

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